eEducation.Africa is a nonprofit that provides online courses in line with market needs, and promotes access to high-quality education in Africa that allows learners to find jobs and thrive in their work.

Mission and Context

Our mission is to give African individuals access to emancipating education in line with their culture and market needs.

The association launches at a crucial time when Africa is emerging out of decades of stagnation. Africa is now the world’s most youthful continent with some 200 million young people between ages 15 and 24. By 2040, the world’s largest labor force will be in Africa with an estimated working age population of 1 billion. African economies are growing subsequently, uncovering a severe shortage of highly-skilled African talent.

There is a deep learning crisis at play: the quality of education in Africa is in a perilous state, and many employers across Africa repeatedly cite insufficiently skilled labor as a bottleneck to growth. It is a wake-up call to take action to boost job creation and innovation through strong education systems capable of enhancing Africa’s global competitiveness and creating decent employment.

“Young people in Africa make up nearly 40 percent of the working-age population, yet 60 percent are unemployed.”

Challenges To Building a Workforce Serving Growth

Many bottlenecks hinder the efficiency of African educational systems and their urgent reforms. We believe the major obstacles are the existing lack of infrastructure and most importantly the absence of vision and local government bodies’s poor governance.

In our era of disruptions, these structural limitations are a serious threat to building a skilled workforce with an ability to deliver and adapt totoday’s fast-paced world where new skills are required every day to solve problems that did not exist a short time ago.

Catch-Up Principles

First of all, there must be a will. Political awareness raising is needed among government bodies that plan educational programs in order to design curricula that would enable local markets to benefit from disruption opportunities and leapfrog to newest generations of technologies. We believe it is necessary to associate education with clear vision that enhances the full potential of learners and aims to build societies enjoying human rights and freedom that ensures prosperity.

That is why our work revolve around  4 principles:

  1. emancipation: learners’ potential has to be at the center of the education reforms ;
  2. freedom: we believe education systems must value local identities and cultures, and provide trainings that enable learners to thrive from their expertise, innovate and drive perennial growth of local economies ;
  3. free access to high-quality education: Today, quality content is already all over the internet for free. We believe we have now the ability to provide individuals with relevant education that help them find a corresponding job.
  4. adequacy of curricula with market needs: we commit to develop tools and programs that respond to market needs.

eEducation.Africa is committed to contributing to promote awareness on these principles among decision-makers.

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