Your hands-on guide to starting a business in Morocco

A “how to” guide


from idea validation to recruitment

for business owners, multinationals’ executives, and startupers

considering business in Morocco.

The MOOC is conceived, produced and presented by Kenza Bennis. It has been designed as a step-by-step guide that gives you the tools, insights, knowledge, and skills to help you decide whether to take the leap of faith in the Moroccan market.
The toolkit includes interviews with experts and renowned companies that share their experience and deep understanding of the challenges you may face. This course is genuinely a “how to” guide from idea validation to recruitment.

After completing this MOOC, you and your organization’s staff will be able to :

  • position and measure the potential of your project in the Moroccan market
  • know the basics and tips for conducting a market research
  • construct a winning value proposition that meets the needs of the market
  • understand and communicate with Moroccan consumer
  • successfully create the Moroccan entity that will enable you to realize your growth and expansion potential
  • know the keys to raise funds and recruit in Morocco.
in the making
experts & personalities

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Understanding the Moroccan Economy

Understanding the Moroccan socio-economic environment is key to finding your profitable niche.

The module starts with an analysis of the mineral wealth available in Morocco that sheds light on the nature of imports and exports as well as the rationale behind the economic and geostrategic orientations of Morocco.

I then present a SWOT and the competitive advantages of SMEs and multinationals presence in Morocco.

Module 2 : Market Survey & Idea Validation

Once a market opportunity is identified, a long process of value proposition building begins.

The first step is to examine whether there is a demand for the identified product or service through a market study. In this section, we explain how to identify the market by taking into account the specificities of Morocco, and how to mitigate a possible lack of available data.

Understanding consumer / customer expectations is also critical in the product marketing and communication stages. This section provides guidance to better understand market segmentation and communicate with the consumer.

Module 3: Administrative Creation of the Company

In this part, I give you key insights to choose your legal entity as well as the tips and recommendations to optimize fiscally and countably the creation of your company.

Module 4: Financing your project

Raising funds is one of the biggest challenges for African entrepreneurs. The case of Morocco is no exception.

This 4th module gives a listing of funding methods available and the keys to fundraise in Morocco.

Module 5: Human Resources Management

Unanimously, entrepreneurs who gave birth to the world’s greatest success stories stress the importance of being surrounded by the best.

This last section gives advice for successful first recruitments and spotlights the management culture of HPS Worldwide, a Moroccan multinational that turned Moroccan culture into one of its best assets. Mohamed Horani, CEO of the company explains how to bring out the best from “Moroccan co-workers”.

“Entreprendre au Maroc” has been featured in


Formation très intéressante qui m’a permis de franchir plusieurs obstacles.
Merci bien aux efforts fournis par Mme Bennis


Je vous félicite vivement pour cette plateforme et les cours que vous avez concoctés avec professionnalisme et simplicité. J’ai beaucoup appris grâce à cette formation.

Ilham Rhattas

Je vous félicite pour la grande réussite de ce MOOC, essentiellement la pédagogie très attractive qui a été adoptée pour l'animation. Le contenu de la formation très intéressant, a traité avec brio tous les aspects de l'entreprenariat du volet juridique de création d'entreprise, en passant par les techinques de vente , le marketing, aux aspects managériaux. J ai beaucoup apprécié les interviews avec les experts et chefs d'entreprises dans un esprit de partage très enrichissant sans oublier bien sûr vos conseils pratiques .

Halim Laamarti

Je vous félicite pour ce MOOC que vous avez animé car ça nous a appris l'esprit d’entreprendre ainsi que les bases de gestion projet,

Nabil Nakbi

Je tiens à vous remercier pour la formation très complète sur l'entreprenariat au Maroc.
Cette formation m'a été d'une grande aide, et je vous en remercie.

Chaimaa Alaoui

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