Corporate eLearning for Growing Companies.


Introducing eEducation.Africa Academy For Business:

eEducation.Africa Academy For Business gives you the ability to continually develop new capabilities in your ranks, retain top talent, cut the time and cost of recruiting, and ultimately drive impact across the organization.


Train your teams with courses and custom programs on in-demand themes like data analytics, programming languages, business and management and digital leadership.

Success MetricsMeasurement

Measure employee learning engagement and other valuable success metrics  with our analytics tools.



Improve your recruitment process with a MOOC measuring candidates  engagement and abilities, and that accelerates initial employees’ training at the same time.


Nurture and retain talent by providing employees with personal development opportunities, from leadership training or building a new skill, to simply pursuing a passion that inspires an employee.

Learn How to Develop Your Team with Courses from Academy

Our know-how combines educational engineering and communication expertise.

Our learning frameworks

are progressive

and outcome-driven

Our learning frameworks are the result of finely tuned analyses of learners’ expectations and the imperative to empower them with knowledge that will effectively serve them.

Editing is a key step

to creating a content that retains learners’ attention

Develop impactful edutainment content and trainings thanks to our video production expertise.